NY Times: Is Veganism for Everyone?

NY Times: Is Veganism for Everyone?

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Of just six panelists, one of them is Nina Planck? You’ve got to be kidding me. Her piece is titled, “A Choice with Definite Risks.” Quite a statement from someone who advocates raw milk consumption. She goes on to write:

I believe that babies and children require a better diet.

Simply enraging.

Drew Ramsey’s contribution is titled, “Meat is Brain Food,” a claim invalidated by the quality of his article.

I’m all for an informed debate about veganism, but why not have everyone’s assertions fact-checked by a qualified RD prior to publication so that incompetents like Planck and Ramsey can’t get away with spewing a gigantic dump of FUD?

I guess I’m happy that vegan authors Rip Esselstyn and Brian Patton had their say. But overall, this collection is an unmitigated disaster—one destined to leave countless readers deeply misinformed. Link.

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