Ohio’s Egg Farm Death Trap

Can a factory farm be cursed? It seems as if one Ohio facility is.

In 2000, the Buckeye Egg Farm was struck by a tornado. The company made almost no effort to rescue the hens from their mangled cages, and instead resorted to gassing them or bulldozing them alive into open pits. Nearly one million hens died.

On Tuesday, fire struck the facility, which has since been renamed as “Ohio Fresh Eggs.” The article doesn’t make clear exactly what happened, other than to say that a quarter million hens died when firefighters cut off electricity. One of the many problems of factory farms is you’ve got thousands of animals packed tightly together in pens or cages, with nowhere to escape if disaster hits.

On top of these two tragedies, the farm’s environmental and animal welfare record is deplorable. (Via Nathan.) Link.


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