On “Ethical” Foie Gras

Producing foie gras by force-feeding geese is cruel, but apparently it’s not cruel to blow off a duck’s head on the chance you might get three bites, at best, of similarly fatty liver. No mention in this piece about what happens to the rest of the duck, nor about what a royal pain in the ass it is to remove shotgun pellets from the carcass.

Bottom line for hunters: If you want to eat fat ducks and get a chance to eat some wild, natural foie gras, shoot as many pintails as you can from October through early December, and focus on hens in the last two weeks of January.

This asshole’s encouraging people to go traipsing through wetlands in late autumn, killing as many ducks as possible, on the chance that some of these ducks might have livers fatty enough to be similar to foie gras. And I bet he’d tell you he’s concerned about food sustainability.

Shame on The Atlantic for publishing this garbage. Vegans should bend over backwards to form alliances with conscientious omnivores, in an effort to unite against our common enemy: factory farming. But this piece makes abundantly clear that there are people who identify as foodies who can’t be regarded as fellow travelers, and who show the same disregard for life as factory farm owners.

I hope you’ll light up The Atlantic’s comment section. (Thanks, Justin.) Link.