Only 51% of Americans Adamantly have “No Problem” Eating Meat & Dairy

Agribusiness front group the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) conducted an extensive survey of consumer beliefs. And while CFI is a bunch of scoundrels who should be trusted under no circumstances, they’ve unwittingly offered up a trove of valuable consumer data [PDF link] to everyone concerned with food politics. Writing in Grist, Tom Laskawy offers a solid run-through of CFI’s survey results, and reaches the conclusion that, “In the battle over the hearts and minds of consumers, the good food movement might just be winning.”

One paragraph of his that will be of special interest to vegans:

The study’s analysis notes that 51 percent strongly agree that they have “no problem” eating meat and dairy. It’s still a majority, but the number is down a full 12 percent since 2007. The trend suggests that by 2012, less than a majority of consumers will strongly agree that eating animals or animal products is okay. Are Americans getting ready to let their vegan flag fly? Maybe not, but it’s promising that consumers are even thinking about the question carefully.

The possibility that the majority of consumers are now thinking carefully about the ethical issues of meat and dairy is the worst news that agribusiness could possibly hear. (Via Bellatti.) Link.


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