Honesty, Accuracy, and Advocacy

Six minutes. Mentioned in the video: Eating Animals Meat Market Vegan for Life Free Vegan Outreach literature Mercy For Animals’ Undercover Investigations page

What is The Most Important Thing in the World to You?

Imagine if you decide that eliminating animal agribusiness is the most important thing in the world to you. What then? Recommended in this video: Ethics Into Action, Peter Singer Change of Heart, Nick Cooney

Every Great Animal Advocate is an Executive

Mentioned in this video: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Ruled Index Cards, 3×5 Inches Reminders (App bundled with all new Macs.)

Who Needs to Read Meat Market?

Here’s a four minute video I tossed off this morning. Maybe I should do more short videos? Anyway, if you’re so inspired, you can pick up one of the 146 last remaining copies of Meat Market from Amazon.com. If you could share this video I would be grateful.

How Should In-N-Out Burger Respond?

The biggest animal story of the month regards this week’s Compassion Over Killing investigation of an In-N-Out Burger supplier. Shocking footage displaying all manner of cruelties was shown last night on ABC News. Unfortunately In-N-Out’s response so far has been both inadequate and inept. The company’s Chief Operating Officer wrote in this public statement: In-N-Out Burger… Read more »

Signing Off, Again

It occurs to me that quitting a blog may be like suicide: some people require more than one attempt. In any case, I know I can accomplish a lot more for animals if I stop spending several hours each morning thinking and writing about stuff that distresses me. I hope you’ll stay subscribed to this… Read more »

Why You Can’t Put the Meat Glue Back in the Bottle

California State Senator Ted Lieu wrote a letter asking the USDA to investigate the use of meat glue in the beef and restaurant industry. The American Meat Institute’s Janet Riley says her organization called Lieu’s office to ask him to stop using the term “meat glue.” Memo to Janet Riley: the only way to stop… Read more »

Vegan Cooking For Carnivores on the Today Show

Vegan Cooking for Carnivores just got another big push to a mass audience. Portia de Rossi and Roberto Martin appeared on The Today Show this morning to cook Roberto’s fried chicken recipe. Roberto’s idea of using rice paper as the “skin” for vegan chicken is incredibly creative. Considering that the show typically has almost six million… Read more »

The Beef Industry and Social Networking

A beautifully written Los Angeles Times story from Tiffany Hsu and Ricardo Lopez. The piece fades about two-thirds through with some annoying digressions but ends strong. I love this quote from beef historian Maureen Ogle, about how the beef industry dealt with the pink slime media debacle: They did exactly what they always do, which is… Read more »

NY Times Announces “Ethics of Eating Meat” Contest Winner

Did they ever pick a stinker. The winning essay begins: As a vegetarian who returned to meat-eating… Then comes about 550 words of blather, culminating with this infuriating conclusion: For me, eating meat is ethical when one does three things. First, you accept the biological reality that death begets life on this planet and that… Read more »