Pizza Hut’s Crown Crust Pizzas

Earlier this month I blogged about Pizza Hut’s launch of hot dog stuffed pizza crust in the UK. And now the chain has released a comparably nauseating item in the Middle East: a repellent “crown crust pizza” made with either hamburgers or chicken. The commercials (here and here), featuring a patron practically begging the waiter… Read more »

Andy Bellatti on Dietary Tribalism

Every time I’m on social media, I am reminded of a growing trend that worries me — let’s call it dietary tribalism. I use this term to refer to the many fractured groups with conflicting dietary views who, for the most part, don’t realize just how much they have in common.  Good stuff. We can endlessly… Read more »

Jack Norris’ 2012 Vegan Nutrition Presentation

Vegan for Life coauthor Jack Norris’ new one-hour talk, “Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?” is now on YouTube. Many vegans are completely blowing it when it comes to covering their nutritional bases. If you haven’t read Jack’s book, if you can’t remember taking your last B-12 supplement, or if you have no idea where… Read more »

Mad Cow Discovered in California

Already reeling from the pink slime debacle, another potential disaster has just struck America’s beef industry: The animal was found at a rendering facility, Clifford said. Its meat did not enter the food chain and the carcass will be destroyed. Nothing to worry about, ladies and gentlemen—please move along. Nothing at all to see here…. Read more »

100,000 Cows Bound for China

The Wall Street Journal reports: In one of the largest transoceanic cattle drives in history, as many as 100,000 heifers from Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand will board multistory cattle-carrying ships this year—bound for China. Terrifying. The worst possible move for an overpopulated and aging country with declining water resources. I can’t imagine a more… Read more »

Ginny Messina on Nina Planck

A great article, and Ginny nails its conclusion. If Planck had a shred of integrity, she’d have to publicly respond. No chance of that ever happening. Link.

“Hurry Up and Die”—Animal Equality Releases UK Pig Investigation

Some of the most disturbing undercover work I’ve ever seen, taken from a new UK undercover investigation carried out by Animal Equality. The Mirror has solid coverage accompanied by some shocking photos. According to Animal Equality, the East Anglian Pig Company is the UK’s largest supermarket pork supplier. Yet another round of proof that egregious… Read more »

NY Times’ Essay Finalists: The Case for Eating Meat

The first one “I’m About to Eat Meat for the First Time in 40 Years” essay is the best of a bad collection. I’d hate to see the submissions that didn’t make the cut. (Via Simon.) Link. Update: The essays reload in a different order each time. (Thanks Adam.)

More Anti-Vegan Idiocy from Nina Planck

Shoot me now. Alexandra Le Tellier, a reporter with a self-described “strong sense of news judgment,” quotes universally acknowledged buffoon Nina Planck as if Planck has any credibility or credentials when it comes to speaking about nutrition. That makes this Planck’s second vegan-bashing appearance in a major news outlet this week (I wrote about the… Read more »