Collard Wrapped Vegan Burger w/Slaw

CIMG1150.JPG Originally uploaded by kgillem Beautiful photography here, and I bet the dish tastes as good as it looks–and I’m normally not one for raw whole collards. Click through to the Flickr entry, as the creator embedded image links that include further descriptive text.

NY Times on Vat Meat

Today’s has an article by Andrew C. Revkin that looks more closely on the vat meat conference that I linked to earlier today. There are some interesting thoughts here, and the author gets quotes from Peter Singer and others. I’d really like to see an influential column like this calling on the USDA to… Read more »

Raw Milk Catches On

The USA Today is running an article about the inexplicable growing popularity of raw milk. In order to have balance in this piece, they quote a bunch of scientists saying you’d be insane to touch the stuff, and then a bunch of idiot raw milk enthusiasts. I’m surprised Nina Planck wasn’t allowed to spew her… Read more »

Meat Safety Chief Wants to Toughen E. Coli Tests

The current head of meat safety for the Bush administration wants to significantly expand E. coli tests, and to increase the number of dangerous strains that the tests cover. What’s this, a sudden attack of conscience in the final throes of a lame duck presidency? Naturally, the beef industry is uncooperative. “Screw the public. We… Read more »

Vat-Grown Meat Gets Closer has a fantastic article highlighting the progress researchers are making in producing animal-free meat. It’s looking as though many of the hurdles have already been cleared, and some researchers think it’s just a matter of time until vat-grown meat is commercially available. Better still, the projected costs of producing this stuff appear to be… Read more »

pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry

pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry Originally uploaded by kamutflakegirl Another brand new photo of a Veganomicon recipe. Isa and Terry’s recipes always seem to turn out wonderfully.

New Foot-and-Mouth Lab: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The whole point of a blog is to write thoughtful entries about news items and other stories. But what on earth am I supposed to say about this? The Bush administration is planning to move its primary foot-and-mouth research lab to the continental United States. Foot-and-Mouth, you will recall, is incredibly contagious and has several… Read more »

Sandwich and Salad

New York Originally uploaded by Aayla! Sometimes the simplest meals are irresistible. And who says a salad has to be mostly lettuce leaves?

Your Vegan Mom

Everyone needs a vegan mom. So if you don’t have one, you should visit Somebody’s gotta remind you to eat your green veggies, right? Worth a visit for the masthead photo alone. Link.

Beef Expert: We Have Met the Enemy

It’s always worthwhile to read meat industry trade journals, since when the industry communicates internally it reveals much about its mindset and priorities. This is an interesting piece, although the constant repetition of the word “harvest” is dishonest and annoying. The focus of this story is on how to prevent future PR debacles like the… Read more »