Beef Expert: We Have Met the Enemy

It’s always worthwhile to read meat industry trade journals, since when the industry communicates internally it reveals much about its mindset and priorities. This is an interesting piece, although the constant repetition of the word “harvest” is dishonest and annoying. The focus of this story is on how to prevent future PR debacles like the… Read more »

Here We Go

From Paul Shapiro: Yesterday, the California secretary of state officially certified the farm animal ballot initiative for the state’s November ballot. You can read about it on MSN Money, The Sacramento Bee, The LA Times Blog, and KQED. If you collected signatures to help secure ballot placement, thank you for the hard work you did… Read more »

I Scream, You Scream, but the Cow Doesn’t

Pogo Cafe’s Knickerbocker Glory Originally uploaded by How many times have you heard someone say, “I could never give up milk; I’m addicted to ice cream.”? Well, have you ever seen a yummier looking sundae than this? And this is just part of a huge vegan banquet — check out the complete photo spread.

Grilled Teriyaki Tofu

Grilled Terriyaki Tofu Originally uploaded by superwife Howzabout some grilled teriyaki tofu for dinner tonight? I bet I could even do this on my George Foreman, with grill marks and all. Just marinate the tofu in teriyaki sauce for an afternoon then grill for a few minutes until you’ve got marks, then shift the tofu… Read more »

You Can’t Make this Stuff Up: Cattle Head Recall

Got a truly bizarre link from reader Bea earlier today. The USDA has announced (not issued, since it technically lacks that power, but don’t get me started on that) a recall of frozen cattle heads. How many? 406,000 pounds worth! Apparently the tonsils weren’t removed and — you know, it’s just not a quality… Read more »

Cupcakes to Haunt Your Dreams

New York Doll Originally uploaded by tuicarswell It appears we all need to move to Sydney, Australia, where there’s a vegan cupcake bakery that produces these babies. Going on Hiatus

What a bummer: one of my favorite veggie sites is ceasing publication of new articles for the foreseeable future. Jason at always manages to come up with a great mix of articles, and his write-ups are among the funniest in the biz. Luckily, he’s leaving up his extensive website resources, including his essential guide… Read more »

Vegan Pizza

za Originally uploaded by heatherrrrrrr I’ve eaten lots of vegan pizzas in my day, but this is one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. And anything made with Follow Your Heart Mozzarella is by definition excellent.

Eat Eggs, Die Sooner

Another egg story forwarded by Paul: a new study suggests that men who eat more than one egg per day face greater risk of early death. And the risk goes through the roof among men who are diabetics. This is no obscure eight-person study, either. It was done by Harvard researchers and involved more than… Read more »

As Eggs Grow Costly, Egg Substitutes Appear

After this morning’s interview with Paul, he sent me this interesting piece about a new line of egg replacers, targeted to the processed food industry. As egg prices rise — in part due to the uncertainty over the future of battery cages — large bakers are finding they can save big money by replacing eggs… Read more »