Coconut Pineapple Noodles

Coconut Pineapple Noodles Originally uploaded by ann14989 Further proof that a vegan diet involves giving up so much. Isn’t purple cabbage the most gorgeous vegetable?

Is Eating Beef Safe?

No. Next question? Oh, you’re still here? OK, fine, for an extended answer, today’s Orange County Register has published a hybrid editorial/questions and answer article. Some of the QA is annoying, like when they call a lack of water in cattle pens a minor violation. I suppose it is, compared to what the Hallmark/Chino cattle… Read more »

Red Sweater Ringo focuses almost entirely on vegan food and on farmed animals. And rightfully so, since more than 10 billion farmed animals are brutally abused and slaughtered each year in the US alone. But permit me this digression since Red Sweater Ringo melted my heart, and this is a cause where a little money goes a… Read more »

Homemade Peppermint Patties

Homemade Peppermint Patties Originally uploaded by eatnvegn York Peppermint Patties were great. Junior Mints would do in a pinch. But I haven’t eaten either in twenty years ‘cuz those industrialized candy companies always feel compelled to adulterate their low-end but yummy stuff with friggin’ whey. But now, it appears there’s hope for me yet. I… Read more »

More Slaughterhouse Audit Details Revealed

I linked to an AP article breaking this story earlier today, but this new USA Today story provides substantial new details. It turns out that four of eighteen slaughterhouses investigated had cruelty violations, not three as originally reported. This article features an insightful quote from HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle: “It shows abuses during a period… Read more »

I’m a What?!?

Vegan Sushi Originally uploaded by vegan jojo This is our second sushi and our second Veganomicon-inspired photo of the day, although I think if you want to get technical these rolls are called uramaki, since the seaweed in on the inside. Inside or outside, they’re vegan, and I want some.

Cathy’s Vegan Challenge

Cool blog entry here from the male half of a devoted omnivorous couple. The wife, Cathy, has accepted a go-veggie-for-the-month challenge in exchange for a fancy camera bag. I think Cathy could use some tips and encouragement, so leave her some comments after the blog entry. Link. Technorati Tags: food, vegan, vegetarian

Compassionate Carnivore Review

The Contra Costa Times has a lengthy and well-written book review of The Compassionate Carnivore. This isn’t any sort of vegan piece but it raises issues that I think push things in a positive direction. One thing I do hate: pairing the words Compassionate and Carnivore. I can understand and accept Pollan’s term Conscientious Omnivore… Read more »

Vegan Sushi Roll at Cha Ya

Vegan Sushi Roll at Cha Ya Originally uploaded by chengwa121 Would you look at that? I might have to move back to the Bay Area. Makes you wonder why fish is always the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about sushi.

Typical USDA Secrecy

A new AP article reports that a USDA audit of eighteen slaughterhouses found that three were handling the animals inhumanely. Naturally, the USDA is not revealing the names of the slaughterhouses responsible. There’s a Congressional hearing happening today regarding the nation’s slaughterhouses, so hopefully more information will come to light. Link. Technorati Tags: animal rights,… Read more »