Hunters Donate Meat and Bullets to Needy

A venison donation program has been halted, because, from what I can tell, they’ve been grinding up the bodies without bothering to remove the lead buckshot. It sounds like this has been going on for years without anyone catching on. But last week, North Dakota tested 95 packages of deer meat, and 53 came up… Read more »

He Googled for Me

I’m a fan of Scott Rosenberg, who used to be one of the main editors of Years ago I worked with him when I submitted a story to the website. Yesterday his blog mentioned, which claims it’s not an April Fool’s Day Prank. So I visited the site and entered the first and… Read more »

Upbeat Story on Vegans in Baltimore Sun

It’s nice to see a major media story smashing stereotypes regarding vegans. This piece looks at women who’ve taken up vegan eating. On a side note, it mentions Erin Marcus, who I once met at a conference — the first thing I said to her upon meeting is if she’d marry me I would be… Read more »

Maxim’s 10 Sexiest Vegetarian Women

These sorts of lists are idiotic, and I think I had heard of maybe three of these women, but here it is. Welcome to our lamest link of the year, unless someone sends me a sexiest men’s link, which I would post in the interest of equal time. Link.

On Food and Cooking

Really interesting looking book here. It’s about hard core food science. No Julia Child to be found, but rather people in lab coats figuring out what’s happening on a molecular level when various gourmet foods are being created. This book is obviously not written with vegans in mind, since there’s stuff on lamb chops and… Read more »

Only One Day Left to Win a Copy of Meat Market

Tuesday night I’ll be sending a copy of Meat Market to a person chosen at random who has filled out our online survey. Your odds of winning are pretty great, since as of right now I have received fewer than sixty responses. The survey just takes two minutes of your time, and already I’ve gotten… Read more »

Wisconsin’s Meat Industry Hall of Fame

It sounds too bizarre to be true, but Wisconsin has a Meat Industry Hall of Fame. And tomorrow, three new people will be inducted at a luncheon sponsored by the Wisconsin Livestock and Meat Council — I wonder what the vegetarian option will be. One of the three, Russell Maas, pioneered a way to make… Read more »

Fruits, Veggies, and Songbirds

Here’s a really persuasive New York Times piece about Latin American produce exports, and the declining numbers of songbirds. The article makes a strong environmental case for Americans to avoid Mexican produce. Link. Technorati Tags: vegetables, environment, fruits

Paul Shapiro’s Roundup of Recent Veggie News

One of the two employees charged in the HSUS dairy cow slaughter plant exposé pleaded guilty to all three of his charges and was sentenced to 180 days in jail. The plant manager who was charged is still awaiting trial. Also, the Des Moines Register had an interesting article about the problems associated with slaughter… Read more »

USDA Botches School District Recall List

Continuing with the mess I blogged about yesterday, not only was the USDA five weeks late in notifying school districts that they may have purchased recalled beef from the Chino slaughterhouse, it’s now being reported that their list names districts that didn’t purchase any of this beef! Hats off to the USDA for taking their… Read more »