Cory Booker a Hero After Fire

Cory Booker’s the man. Newark’s vegetarian mayor rushed into a burning house and carried out his trapped neighbor. It sounds near certain that he saved her life. Booker was then hospitalized for smoke inhalation. “Street Fight,” the story of Booker’s first bid to win mayor, remains one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen. Link.

James McWilliams: “The Myth of Sustainable Meat”

The Michael Pollans and Joel Salatins of the food movement are gonna freak when they see James McWilliams’ new op-ed. Its conclusion is gold—these are words I never dreamed would one day be printed in the New York Times: Opponents of industrialized agriculture have been declaring for over a decade that how humans produce animal… Read more »

Dan Piraro’s Latest

Dan’s one of the funniest and most talented vegans on the planet. If you don’t read his blog, you are missing out.

“The Biggest Black Market Since Prohibition”

Foie gras defender Ken Frank loses touch with reality: Let’s repeal  AB 1520 [SIC, it’s SB 1520], which will create the biggest black market since Prohibition, and replace it with the world’s highest standards for humane foie gras. I doubt even one percent of California’s population eats foie gras in any given year. Yet Frank… Read more »

HSUS Releases Kreider Farms Egg Investigation Video

The most appalling conditions imaginable—even worse than the egg industry’s already pathetic standards. The release of this video will certainly give a push to the Humane Society and the United Egg Producer’s efforts to enact federal legislation against battery cages. ABC News is reporting: Kreider went on to say the company had no evidence the… Read more »

Breaking: HSUS Battery Egg Investigation Coming Tomorrow

No video yet, but New York Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof has the exclusive. He writes: For those who are wavering, think for a moment about the arc of empathy. Centuries ago, we humans amused ourselves by seeing other people executed or tortured. Until modern times, we considered it sport to see animals die horrible deaths…. Read more »

FDA Seeks “Voluntary” Antibiotic Regulations

Dina ElBoghdady of The Washington Post reports: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday finalized a plan that would ask drug companies to voluntarily limit the use of certain antibiotics in animal feed, citing long-held concerns that their overuse in livestock promotes the development of drug resistant bacteria that can infect people. I can see drug companies… Read more »

Gordon Ramsay Condemns Factory Pig Farming

This video is from last May but somehow hasn’t been widely seen. Ramsay discovers the real nightmare isn’t in the kitchen. After reviewing a factory pig farming video he says: It’s enough to make anyone turn fucking vegetarian for God’s sake. And I’ve always sort of knocked vegetarians and vegans for missing out on the… Read more »

McDonald’s Restaurants at 22 USA Hospitals

Absolutely shameful, and a great embarrassment to the hospitals and to McDonald’s alike. Seven of these hospitals are specifically for children, because I suppose there’s nothing like serving a Happy Meal to a four-year-old suffering from leukemia. This is the sort of list that, if adequately publicized, will force McDonald’s to withdraw from this market…. Read more »

Recipe: Pork with Antibiotics and Red Herring

Feedstuffs reports: A study led by Dr. Mike Apley of Kansas State University shows that opponents of antibiotics use in livestock production wildly overestimate the amount given to food animals, according to the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). Maybe Apley’s right and antibiotic use has been overestimated, but who cares? This isn’t relevant. The only… Read more »