Paul Shapiro on Ohio and Michigan

HSUS’ Paul Shapiro writes:

Despite numerous editorial boards in the state coming out against the Ohio Farm Bureau’s proposed November 2009 ballot measure, the agribusiness lobby succeeded in persuading the legislature to refer the measure to the ballot. Unfortunately, the measure is likely to pass, as it gives the appearance of being very animal-friendly on its surface. In reality, it’s a Big Ag power grab designed to enshrine into the state constitution the Farm Bureau’s favored “oversight” system and preserve the status quo. HSUS is now actively considering a campaign to put a truly pro-animal measure on the Ohio ballot for the 2010 election cycle.

As well, the Michigan Farm Bureau is trying to pass similar anti-animal legislation designed to preserve ag’s status quo and preempt meaningful reform. The Associated Press ran an interesting story on the controversy, and a Michigan State University professor has a good op-ed opposing the effort.

Finally, props to Prince Fielder, the ethical vegetarian major league baseball player who just won the Home Run Derby. Check out Wayne’s blog about it.