Paul Shapiro’s Link Roundup

The head of the Humane Society’s factory farming campaign guest blogs:

The New York Times has a great story today titled, “States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Animal Abuse,” and this part is particularly amusing:

[A big ag spokesperson] “…suggested that those willing to lie on an application might go further and stage fake videos, destroy equipment, or carry diseases onto farms. He could not provide any examples of those things ever occurring.

The Minneapolis NBC affiliate did a fantastic segment on the agribusiness industry’s effort to keep Americans in the dark about its routine cruelty. There are also good Associated Press and Des Moines Register articles this week on the topic.

Finally, if you live in Washington, please make sure to call your state senator and ask him/her “not to concur with SB 5487,” the egg industry’s attempt to give the illusion of reform. If you live in Oregon, please call your state senator to ask that s/he “oppose any amendment to SB 805,” a bill that originally would have helped laying hens, but now has been hijacked by agribusiness with amendments that are simply beyond belief in terms of how much they weaken the bill.

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