Paul Shapiro’s Recap of Vermont Slaughthouse Case

The Associated Press ran a powerful story about HSUS’s latest investigation, noting, “video shows days-old male calves culled from dairy herds being dragged, kicked, repeatedly shocked with electric prods and apparently cut while still conscious.”

Reuters paid a lot of attention to the policy reforms HSUS is calling for, including a ban on the slaughter of downer calves and prohibition of transport of calves under 10 days of age.

The Burlington Free Press had important coverage too, pointing out that while the owner of the plant denied having knowledge of any abuse, his “voice can be heard on the video as some of the conduct is occurring. In one instance, a voice identified as Perretta’s joked to a worker as a calf collapsed after being stunned that it ‘looks like you on Friday night.’”

The USDA commented that the behavior of its inspector seen in the video was “inexcusable.”