Paula Deen Defends Waiting to Announce Diabetes Diagnosis

As this article proves, Deen’s got a unique talent for becoming even more unlikable every time she opens her hole.

“It took me 20 years to come out and stand up and say, `Hey, my name’s Paula and I’m agoraphobic,'” she said. “I was so ashamed, so embarrassed. So to do it in two-and-a-half years, I thought it was pretty good.”

No, it wasn’t pretty good at all. If you have your own TV show, sixteen cookbooks, a line of cookware, and a friggin’ magazine named after you, you don’t get to pretend you’re a shrinking wallflower when it comes to revealing life-or-death information. I wonder how many of her fans had their toes amputated as a result of eating the recipes Deen published after receiving her diagnosis. And it’s remarkable how Deen’s shyness about revealing her condition vanished the moment she’d lined up a pharmaceutical sponsor.

It’s official: my contempt for Deen exceeds what I hold for Anthony Bourdain, and Bourdain’s an asshole of towering proportions. Link.