Paula Deen to Oversee High School Culinary Curriculum

In today’s this-can’t-possibly-be-happening news, a school district in Savannah, Georgia is putting Paula Deen in charge of guiding the curriculum for high school students studying the culinary arts.

Perhaps Paula’s recipe for macaroni and cheese wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried will be on the curriculum. If so, then it must certainly be followed by Gooey Butter Cake for dessert.

I would have thought that Deen’s ongoing ties to pork giant Smithfield Foods would create a conflict of interest that would prevent her from being offered this sort of position. In any event, the move is certainly drawing criticism:

Although a spokesperson for the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment, a release issued by the system quotes the high school’s executive director as saying “Paula Deen is an internationally recognized chef with the expertise and ability to connect our students to opportunities within the culinary arts industry. We are honored and pleased that this program will be unique in that it is the only culinary arts school partnership with Paula Deen.”

This would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that preparing kids for a career in cooking this sort of godawful food is unforgivable. Link.