PETA vs. Octo-Mom

As if the whole octo-mom story couldn’t get any stranger and more troubling, PETA just decided to insert itself into the mix.

Octo-mom is saying she wants to buy a little pig, who she’ll dress in a diaper and keep outside. Or maybe she’ll bow to her kids’ requests and get a dog. Because, you know, a single mother with fourteen kids should have one more being competing for her attention.

For a change, PETA’s request is phrased in surprisingly reasonable language: there’s not a sea kitten to be found. But still, I bet that much of America views an Octo-Mom vs. PETA showdown in much the same way I feel when the Cowboys play the 49ers: I get all sullen that both teams can’t lose.

In any event, this story has managed to elbow aside swine flu as the clearest sign to date that the apocalypse is at hand. (Thanks, Janet.) Link.