Pigs and Sanity

If I’ve ever before linked to a more thoroughly obnoxious article, I can’t remember. It’s hard to consider this as anything but flamebait directed to the vegan community:

The best thing about keeping pigs is, of course, the pork, but the companionship runs the meat a pretty close second. After three years of amateur pig-keeping – I currently have five young porcine ladies scratching around a paddock at the bottom of my garden in Ireland – I can safely say that pigs are the most entertaining, life-affirming and intelligent creatures that have ever had the misfortune to taste utterly delectable in a frying pan.

And it goes on like this until:

Some people say that you should not to get too attached to them. Quite frankly, that’s impossible. What’s more, if you don’t make an effort to get to know them, you’ll be missing out on an amazingly life-affirming experience.

Indeed, I credit my pigs with saving my sanity.

I disagree. It seems obvious the pigs haven’t helped in the slightest. (Thanks, Amanda). Link.