Please Share

One of the new things I wrote about in my latest book is that sharing, in many ways, is more valuable than creating new material. You’ve got a circle of people in your life who you uniquely know how to reach. And it can take trivial amounts of time to share information that they’ll be receptive to.

With that in mind, I just enabled social networking buttons beneath each post. So now, whenever you read an entry here that you especially like, you’re just one click away from sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and other top sites.

I put surprisingly huge amounts of time into writing this blog. Even though they’re short, some of these entries take more than an hour to write. But, in just seconds, you can help any of these posts reach a wider audience. So please give these buttons a whirl with your favorite social networking sites, and let me know if there are any other buttons you’d like me to add.