Pollan Makes his 3rd Colbert Appearance

Michael Pollan was on Colbert last night promoting the new edition of last year’s Food Rules book, this time with full-color illustrations.

My general take on Pollan is that if Americans ate like he recommends, it would solve most or all of our problems with obesity, and we’d be killing a lot fewer animals. But he’s almost as closed off as Anthony Bourdain when it comes to having a good faith conversation about veganism. And, as Adam Merberg repeatedly points out, Pollan’s track record when it comes to getting his facts straight isn’t what it should be.

But life’s always messy. Despite my reservations with Pollan, he’s doing a hell of a lot more good than harm. And even a well-informed vegan can benefit from many of Pollan’s food rules—for instance, the rule about not eating at your desk is equally relevant regardless of whether your sandwich is made from roast beef or hummus. Link.