President of American Veal Association Responds to Bushway Investigation

Chuck Jolley, the Cattle Network writer who earlier this week wrote a great article on the Bushway veal slaughterhouse investigation, is back with a follow-up.

It starts with a useful roundup of industry responses. Naturally, there are people in the industry who want to blame the undercover investigators, and, much to his credit, Jolley clearly has no patience for such arguments.

But then he moves on to an interview with Chip Line Burgess, who is president of the American Veal Association. It’s clear from the interview that she’s a standard-issue PR asshole. At one point, she tries to spin the fact that the fact that 70 percent of veal calves are still crated into an example of the industry’s animal welfare progress.

She even has the gall to say, regarding her Association’s members, that:

They are in [the veal] business because they care about their animals.

Let’s get this straight: somebody gets into the business of raising baby calves for slaughter because they care about their animals? Does Burgess actually believe her own bullshit? Sorry, but this is not the type of person I can envision leading the charge to rid the veal industry of Bushway-style cruelties. Link.