Ramsay & Oliver Flagged for Serving Endangered Eel

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, two top-tier celebrity chefs who’ve crusaded for sustainable seafood, have been caught serving probably endangered eel in their restaurants. Both men quickly pulled the stuff from their menus. Good coverage by Ecorazzi, which ends by asking the question:

We’re glad the endangered eel is now off the menu, but how did it get there in the first place?!

That’s an easy one. The trouble with consuming so-called sustainable seafood is that the definition is subjective, and the status of various fish species is constantly in flux. To put things plainly: it’s a gigantic pain in the ass to eat sustainable seafood, and you’ll inevitably make mistakes. And if you’re a high-profile restaurateur making a sincere effort to choose sustainably, that means you’ll end up getting busted and ridiculed while those assholes at the sushi restaurant down the street serve endangered tuna and nobody makes a peep.

Still, if you’re going to eat or serve seafood, it’s psychotic to not at least make the attempt to choose sustainably. But the most reliably sustainable choice for our oceans is anything other than seafood. Link.