Red Meat Linked, Yet Again, to Heart Disease

Participants in Harvard’s Nurse’s Health Study who ate two daily servings of red meat had rates of heart disease a third higher than other study participants who ate little red meat. Lead author Walter Willett comments:

Our findings show clearly that source of protein in our diet has an important impact on our health, and we can’t consider red meat, chicken, fish, beans, and nuts to be interchangeable. This should not be surprising because when we eat red meat we get a large dose of saturated fat, cholesterol, and a form of iron that can override our control mechanisms. If instead we eat nuts as a protein source, for example, we get unsaturated fats that reduce our blood cholesterol, no cholesterol itself, and lots of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

With 84,000 participants tracked for 26 years, the Nurse’s Health Study is one of the most respected-large scale nutrition studies ever undertaken. I doubt we’ll be seeing this latest finding mentioned on the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association website. (Via Link.