Reuters: Processed Food Lobbies Rout Reformers

Last Updated: April 27, 2012

This one deserves a Pulitzer. In a lengthy article for Reuters, Duff Wilson and Janet Roberts offer some of the best food politics reporting I’ve ever seen:

At every level of government, the food and beverage industries won fight after fight during the last decade. They have never lost a significant political battle in the United States despite mounting scientific evidence of the role of unhealthy food and children’s marketing in obesity.

And, if you want to see an example of being hopelessly outgunned:

…the Center for Science in the Public Interest, widely regarded as the lead lobbying force for healthier food, spent about $70,000 lobbying last year—roughly what those opposing the stricter guidelines spent every 13 hours, the Reuters analysis showed.

As the developments since the passage of Prop 2 have demonstrated, the big animal agribusiness lobbies are beatable—the big soda and processed food lobbies, not so much. (Thanks, Venkat.) Link.