Ric O’Barry on SeaWorld Killing

Former dolphin trainer and star of “The Cove” Ric O’Barry on the SeaWorld killing:

This was not an accident. It was a calculated risk that SeaWorld took, looking at their bottom line, their quarterly profits. This is criminal negligence. This is not an isolated incident.

And from the article:

In the wild, orcas commonly swim up to 100 miles a day and stay with their family pods all their lives. Tilikum was stolen from his mother at two years old in Iceland and sold into slavery, first in Canada, where he killed his first victim, then at SeaWorld in Orlando.

And so for 25 years, Tilikum has been swimming in circles, in a space that is said to be the equivalent of keeping a human being confined in a bathtub. He has lived a lonely, stressful, and mentally debilitating life. It’s no wonder he has snapped and killed three humans.

Marine amusement parks are the battery cages of family entertainment. Link.