San Francisco’s Shameful School Lunch Program

Perhaps the biggest crime perpetrated by the National School Lunch Program isn’t that nearly every meal is based around meat, but rather that the food is usually so disgusting that much of it gets thrown away.

Case in point: yesterday, San Francisco Chronicle blogger Michael Bauer visited a local public school to try out one of the lunches. While Bauer’s written description is troubling enough, the photos tell the real story. Nobody in their right mind would eat this crap, and the vast majority of this food — including thousands of pounds of meat every day — is likely getting tossed out uneaten.

More troubling still: the very same lunch Bauer sampled yesterday was served to 30,000 kids. You’ve got to click through and check out Bauer’s photos.

All it would take would be for one person to do a daily photo blog showcasing San Francisco’s school lunches, and I’ve no doubt the outcry for reform would become overwhelming. (Via allsfgate and Starkman.) Link.