Sausage Minus the Blood, Guts, and Gore

It’s common knowledge that even die-hard meat lovers get queasy when watching sausage being made. Funny, then, that the process of making vegan sausage is so easy on the eyes:

I hear a lot of complaints about how unnatural and processed a lot of veggie meats are, so I asked Field Roast founder and Head Chef David Lee how it’s made.

It turns out the process is surprisingly similar to the production of meat sausage, just without the billions of dead animals. In fact, Lee says that they see themselves as a meat company, using the same Butcher Boy Grinder and a sausage linker that are industry standards. The difference is that their meat is created from vital wheat flour. Using the flour, they mix in other natural ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables. After that, it’s linked in casing and steamed in an oven.

The whole process is very open; they even give tours to kids and teach them how to make it! Lee believes that people are sometimes turned off fake meats because they don’t understand where it comes from, so it’s important to show them.

Cool to see a piece like this appear in a mainstream publication like the Huffington Post. Click through for the author’s recipe for serving this stuff in a spaghetti dish. (Thanks, Spot.) Link.