Scott Spitz’ Vegan Marathon

Here’s some truly inspiring stuff: a website from Scott Spitz, a vegan marathon runner sponsored by the Chicago Soy Dairy.

Last Sunday, Scott completed the Chicago marathon. It was the first marathon he ever raced, and he turned in an incredible 2:25, only about 20 minutes longer than the world’s best marathon runners. Scott wrote up a diary of this race in four chapters, and his writing is excellent. If you’ve got the slightest interest in serious running, you’ve got to read it: chapter one, two, three, and — if you just want to experience the really intense part — four.

Below, I’ve embedded an interview with Dan and Ryan from the Chicago Soy Dairy. These guys seem impossibly cool. They haven’t paid me a dime, but I still think you should buy some of their Dandies vegan marshmallows. I want to be like Dan and Ryan when I grow up. (Thanks, Chris.)


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