Sea Shepherd Crew Recounts Ramming

The Sydney Morning Herald just published the best coverage I’ve yet seen regarding the Japanese whaling ship’s ramming of the Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil. Here’s how Pete Bethune, captain of the Ady Gil, described the incident:

We were dead in the water and we saw the Shonan Maru come in on us and deliberately line us up.

It wasn’t like we were just in their path and they happened to come by us. They deliberately turned, and then for about 600 metres or 800 metres they came and it looked like they were going to miss us by about 20 to 30 metres.

Then suddenly they turned to starboard sharply and cut us in half.

There’s no doubt in my mind – they deliberately rammed us.

If serious criminal charges get filed, the pressure on the Japanese to end commercial whaling will likely double. (Via Hawthorne.) Link.