Series of Fires Hit North American Factory Farms

The past two months have seen a string of unexplained fires killing large numbers of animals at North American factory farms. There was an April 8 fire in New York that killed 104 dairy cows. Next, on May 3, a dairy in Manitoba burned down, killing 470 cows. Just five days later, another factory farm in Manitoba burned, this time killing 7500 pigs.

On Wednesday, May 19th, a third factory farm in Manitoba burned—gutting a temporarily empty chicken house and causing a million dollars of damage.

And this past Friday, May 21st, yet another farm burned; this time it happened in Virginia, where one of two sheds at a massive factory farm for turkeys was engulfed by flames. About 11,500 turkeys perished.

Update: has an article and short video about the Canadian fires. (Thanks, Chuck.)