Signing Off, Again

It occurs to me that quitting a blog may be like suicide: some people require more than one attempt. In any case, I know I can accomplish a lot more for animals if I stop spending several hours each morning thinking and writing about stuff that distresses me.

I hope you’ll stay subscribed to this feed or join my special announcements email list. I’ve got a couple big projects underway and I’ll announce them here and on my email list the moment they’re released.

We were nearing the time for my semiannual donation drive. Obviously your donations won’t be funding my future blogging, but if you want to throw some money my way, you can do that knowing that nearly all my productive hours are being spent working on behalf of farmed animals. I took in barely more than $10,000 in reader donations last year, and this cash gave me a lot of freedom to take on a variety of work that I don’t see anyone else in the movement doing. I think I may be the best deal in town for people who want their dollars to accomplish as much for farmed animals as possible.

The work I do will continue and, with the cessation of my daily blogging, accelerate. The main project I’m working on right now is the most exciting and important thing I’ve ever done. It’ll fill a gigantic hole in the farmed animal protection movement’s offerings.

To be clear, I absolutely don’t want your donations if you’ve got credit card debt or other obligations that would make giving difficult.

If there’s one thing my past six months of blogging has made unarguable, it’s that we’re nearing a tipping point in the struggle against factory farming. I hope you’ll continue to follow my work. For the immediate future, any interesting stuff I want to share will be through Twitter. Factory farming’s days are numbered, and I hope we can work together to bring about its end.

I love you guys. The attention you’ve given my work means the world to me.


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