Smithfield Offers its Pigs “Ideal” Living Conditions

The Humane Society has filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission accusing Smithfield Foods of lying about the welfare standards governing how their pigs are kept:

In its videos, Smithfield claims, for example, that it provides animals with “ideal” living conditions and that their animals’ “every need is met,” despite the fact that the vast majority of its breeding sows are confined in gestation crates — metal cages that virtually immobilize animals for nearly their entire lives. Smithfield also routinely castrates animals and cuts portions of their tails off without painkillers.

If I had to reduce everything you need to know about factory farming into a single sentence, it would be: “For the sake of reducing costs, factory farms brutalize every animal they come into contact with—and then brazenly lie about providing their animals with excellent care.”

On a related subject, thanks to the reintroduction of the McRib the Humane Society is making another push to get McDonald’s to remove pork producers that use gestation crates from its supply chain. Link.