Some Reader Feedback from My Article

At least one person really liked my guest blog appearance at Maria M. writes:

Suddenly, preparing meals, in Arizona’s sweltering summer heat mind you, don’t seem as daunting. I’m now inspired to use your vegan trinity and get meals prepared in 10 minutes or less. You made note of keeping your food preparation to 5 minutes but I’m still doing baby steps.

In one brief moment, I gleened more info than I’ve culled from reading books, blogs and BS. It’ll serve me well in my quest to become a true vegan. The “Vegan’s Trinity” — Smoothies, Sandwiches and Salads… Simple. Thanks.

I should note that smoothies, sandwiches, and salads are three of the five core foods I recommend in my just-revised Ultimate Vegan Guide. Space limitations didn’t permit me to cover stir-fries and grilled veggies in this article. I give a detailed presentation of all five of these foods in my book — they’re the backbone of my diet.