Something On MTV Will be Worth Watching, for a Change

Exciting news from Erica Meier:

Our 2009 MTV Pro-Veg Ad campaign launches tonight: viewers around the country will see, perhaps for their first time, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the cruel world of factory farming—and they’ll be further directed to visit our website for more information.

Earlier this month, COK teamed up with Mercy for Animals and the Animal Protection & Rescue League to launch a campaign urging BOCA to stop using eggs: The company has been flooded with calls and emails, and after a few weeks of negotiations, we decided to put the campaign on moratorium for four weeks based on this encouraging statement from a company spokesperson: “BOCA is committed to meeting the needs of our vegan consumers. We are actively working on this matter. While this process takes time we will be able to share an update by March 20, 2009.”