South Korea Buries 100,000 Animals Alive Every Day

When I last blogged at length about South Korea’s live burial of pigs, the country had just reached the one million mark. Now, less than three weeks later, the live burials continue unabated, and have reached nearly 2.8 million pigs, plus another 146,000 cattle. According to Animal Rights Korea, “Around 100,000 animals have been buried alive every day.”

It seems that South Korea’s foot-and-mouth vaccination is largely ineffective, so the country is continuing its merciless cull program at full speed. Here is the action item I published just after I first covered this horror story. If you’ve written before, please send a follow-up email right away. And if you haven’t written yet, please do so immediately.

Apart some Huffington Post coverage earlier this month, there’s been no mainstream media reporting to speak of. Given that this cull shows no signs of slowing, it’s urgent for you to get the word out about this tragedy however you can: use Facebook, Twitter, and email to spread the word. (Via Wolfgang.) Link.