South Korea: “There Might Have Been Cases”

My friend Jaya Bhumitra followed a action item from last week, and wrote to South Korea’s consulate in Toronto, to protest the live burial of the country’s pigs, cattle, and chickens. She just received their response, and here are two paragraphs:

In general, the Korean Government is burying livestock after killing them through mechanical blow or lethal injection in the case of cattle and electrocution or lethal injection in the case of pigs.

Unfortunately, due to the rapid spread of FMD, there might have been cases in some areas in which the execution of the livestock was not conducted thoroughly and therefore resulted in the infliction of pain to the livestock.

There “might” have been cases of animals buried alive?

Weasel words from a country that has apparently buried alive four million animals, and is now trying to sweep what happened under the rug, rather than take responsibility to ensure this sort of thing never happens again.