Study Proves MRSA Emerges from Pig Farms

For years, it’s been obvious that factory farms enable bacteria from humans to mutate into antibiotic-resistant forms, and then get passed back to people. The evidence that this occurs has been overwhelming, but definitively proving that this happens is extraordinarily difficult. And naturally, agribusiness has demanded conclusive proof, despite their guilt being obvious to any informed observer.

Well, NPR reports that proof of the factory farm/antibiotic connection has at long last emerged, thanks to a study published today from a team led by Lance Price of the Translational Genomics Research Institute. This is a watershed moment in the decades-long struggle to curtail routine antibiotic use on factory farms. It’s now been proven that this practice is leading to the emergence of deadly bacterial infections that are extraordinarily difficult  to treat. Opponents of routine feeding antibiotics to farmed animals now have clear proof of harm rather than just a mountain of evidence.

From here on in, it’s going to be vastly harder for the meat industry to resist the enactment of new antibiotic bans at factory farms. Thanks to this new study, any informed neutral observer is certain to agree that the public health risks brought about by current agribusiness practices are unacceptable. The days of agribusiness doing the tobacco industry shuck and jive on this key topic are over.

With today’s news, nobody with any credibility can oppose banning the routine feeding of antibiotics at factory farms. Link.