Taco Bell Abolishes the Burrito Tax

In my Ultimate Vegan Guide, I talk about what I call the burrito tax. That’s when you go into a burrito joint and the only meatless burrito available is their “vegetarian” offering, which comes with cheese and sour cream. Sure, you can ask to leave that junk off, but then you’re stuck paying the same price for a smaller burrito, and one that’s missing its costliest ingredients. I think it’s fair to say that, of all the injustices the world has to offer, the burrito tax ranks just about at the tippy top.

But check it out: the fine people at Taco Bell have come up with a way to enable their vegan customers to get out of paying the burrito tax. See, previously, perhaps the most suitable vegan item at Taco Bell is their “bean burrito” — a minimalist entree that the burrito tax made even more minimal for vegans by causing the cheese to be removed at no discount. But now, you can waltz into your local Taco Bell and order a bean burrito “fresco style.” When bean burritos are ordered this way, the cheese is automatically left off, and in its place they put on a scoop of surprisingly good fresh salsa.

It’s nice that Taco Bell is no longer treating vegans like second class citizens. Will fancier chains like Chipotle and Qdoba follow suit?