Team Vegan: Matching Donations to Vegan Outreach

This past school term, Vegan Outreach and its volunteers distributed more than one million brochures on college campuses. I doubt there’s another animal protection group that compares to Vegan Outreach in terms of doing massive outreach where it’s needed most.

There’s a great matching opportunity for this month, and the next six thousand dollars of donations will be doubled. I would love for the 3400 subscribers of this blog to collectively cough up at least $1000 over the next couple of days, to help put Vegan Outreach over the top in obtaining every possible matching dollar.

Please make your donation here, and let me know about it here, so I can make a post later about how much money we’ve raised.

To do my part, through 11:59 PM this Tuesday (July 28, 2010), I’m going to donate $3 for every new paperback copy of Meat Market or The Ultimate Vegan Guide purchased after visiting through this link.