Texas Cattlemen Strike Back Against Engine 2

Texas Cattlemen Strike Back Against Engine 2

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The success of The Engine 2 Diet seems to be freaking out Texas’ cattlemen. It appears they’ve just sent a letter and some cooked beef to all the other firehouses in Austin:

On behalf of the 150,000 beef producers across the state, The Texas Beef Council would like to thank you for serving and protecting our community. In addition, in light of the recent book, “The Engine 2 Diet,” we want to provide you, as key influencers in the community, with the most accurate, science-based information on lean beef…

[blah blah blah]

…Also included with this letter is a lean, fully cooked brisket from H.E.B. We hope the firefighters at firehouse no.!@ will enjoy a nutritious lean beef meal on behalf of Texas Beef Producers. You are our local heroes and we want to honor you and thank you for all you do.

Subtlety isn’t really the beef industry’s strength, is it? This “gift” smacks of raw fear that meatless eating will catch on in Texas firehouses. Link.

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