Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Given this response, you would think that VegNews is the world’s only source of vegan recipes and writing:

I don’t agree with how [VegNews has] handled the situation.  But I do believe in what they are trying to do.  So I just subscribed for 3 years.  They need the support of their community to deliver their product.

Hey Laura, if I start posting bacon photos that I claim are vegan, will you send me cash too?

Everywhere you look in the vegan world, there are companies, nonprofits, bloggers, and initiatives that deserve support—some a whole lot more than others. And I strongly suspect that most of these entities are way more in need of funding than VegNews.

As a community, we’re comparable to enthusiasts of sailing and skateboarding—we’ve grown large enough that there will always be websites and magazines catering to us. There is nothing inherently precious or unique about the top sailing or skateboarding or veggie magazines. When one goes away, another takes its place.