“The Biggest Black Market Since Prohibition”

Foie gras defender Ken Frank loses touch with reality:

Let’s repeal  AB 1520 [SIC, it’s SB 1520], which will create the biggest black market since Prohibition, and replace it with the world’s highest standards for humane foie gras.

I doubt even one percent of California’s population eats foie gras in any given year. Yet Frank would have us believe that an underground market is about to emerge comparable in size to the market for alcohol during Prohibition? Come on.

Frank’s problem is that he can pair the words “humane” and “foie gras” all he wants, but the public knows better. What Frank’s really arguing is that the foie gras industry is made of up criminals who will break the law in droves once California outlaws the stuff this July. Well, there’s a clear and simple response to Frank’s argument. People who produce, purchase, or eat the stuff deserve prosecution just like any other animal abusers—and it looks like that day is coming soon. (Via Bay Area Bites.) Link.

Update: If the cops don’t nail foie gras producers, the lawyers will. If I were Frank, I’d think very carefully about having anything more to do with foie gras. He’s on the wrong side of history. (Thanks, Carrie.)


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