The Ethics of Eating Bunnies

Bay Area Bites, which is published by the public radio station KQED, posted an article today on whether it’s OK to eat rabbits. Somehow the author never gets around to exploring the animals’ sentience or their capacity to feel pain. He basically asserts that since we eat other cute animals, rabbits are fair game as well. He also goes on to write:

They serve no practical domestic purpose of which I am aware. They don’t do tricks.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? The article ends with a recipe for a German rabbit supper, that concludes with these serving instructions:

Proudly serve your guests this platter of dead bunnies and little sparrows with a side of steamed, whole baby carrots. To young children. While they are watching Warner Bros. cartoons. One mights as well make as grand a statement as one can.

I’m sure KQED has some financial supporters who would be annoyed that they’d publish this sort of obnoxious crap. Link.