The First Lady of Food

The First Lady of Food

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Here’s a lengthy blog entry at the wonderfully named ObamaFoodOrama, that starts with the scarcely believable claim that, out of nowhere, Michelle Obama has turned herself into the leader of America’s food movement. Yet, by this story’s end, I’m sold.

See, not only is she even more popular than her husband, but she’s doing everything right in terms of winning people over. How can fat cat lobbyists compete with a pretty and well-spoken woman who surrounds herself with school kids, and who passionately and convincingly talks about food deserts and school lunch programs?

As the article states, for the president to reconstruct our health care system, the nation’s food policy must first be fixed. And it appears that the Obamas have decided that Michelle is the best person to tackle this crucial task. So far, she’s working a miracle. (Via Starkman.) Link.

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