The Hazards of Antibiotic Use at Factory Farms

The Hazards of Antibiotic Use at Factory Farms

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The Johns Hopkins Magazine has published a must-read article on antibiotic use at factory farms. Much of this material will be familiar to longtime vegan advocates, but there’s plenty of new information here that grabbed and held my attention.

Some of the details are chilling. Kellogg Schwab, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Water and Health, says that at an average pig lagoon:

There were 10 million E. coli per liter [of sampled waste]. Ten million. And you have a hundred million liters in some of those pits. So you can have trillions of bacteria present, of which 89 percent are resistant to drugs. That’s a massive amount that in a rain event can contaminate the environment.

This is the most interesting and important factory farming article I’ve read this month. Please post it to your Facebook page or Twitter account; your friends and loved ones need to see this.

I think there’s a real chance that the public will soon demand that agribusiness eliminate its use of antibiotic-laced feeds. The veggie movement could play a key role in awakening the public to this untenable situation. (Via Markarian.) Link.

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