The Latest Progress in Germany

An update from animal millionaire Mahi Klosterhalfen, the German battery egg producers’ persona non grata:

The University of Gießen is switching to free-range eggs and egg product – I had started pushing the issue by offering them a Good Egg Award last year. Since then several students sent in emails asking for a switch to free-range eggs and now the universities announced that it will no longer support cage egg production for ethical reasons.

Almost one third of all German noodle producers are already cage-free or going cage-free. Some have decided to do so by themselves, some were probably inspired by our new campaign that asks the entire German food industry to go cage-free.

Europe’s largest animal shelter (in Berlin) has agreed to stop serving meat at their venues, after a protest by vegans (some of whom are friends of mine). The German Vegetarian Society has since given the shelter an award for protecting animals in a consistent way.

A huge retailer stopped selling tiny cages for pet rabbits. One of our supporters sent me an email to inform me about the situation. I passed along the information to a friend of mine, observing that the cages provide exactly as much space as a rabbit mother and her babies are given in factory farming. He issued a press release, which prompted the retailer to respond: “We don’t want to sell animal-unfriendly products.” The retailer then immediately stopped selling the cages.

It’s amazing how many animals Mahi and his associates keep from harm.