The Omnivore’s Blind Spot

Here’s an annoying letter to the editor just published by the New York Times:

We would do well and make the world a better place if we realized that all food has a “face.” Even a vegan eating a tomato must “face” the fact that a poor child has labored in the fields without the hope of an education to produce the vegetables we lift up as humane food.

Local, sustainably grown organic food, whether vegetables or meat, from a place where the farmers have received fair compensation is the only way that the world is ever going to eat in a humane manner.

So, a tomato has a face but you can still dine in a “humane manner” on slaughtered animals?

Why is it that conscientious omnivores so often conclude that vegans are clueless about human rights issues related to agriculture? My guess is that your typical vegan is much more likely than a random omnivore to purchase sustainably grown food. Link.