The Power of Asking, Part 2

Got a note this morning from David Benzaquen, Farm Sanctuary’s Campaigns Coordinator, about my Power of Asking article from yesterday:

I posted it on my [Facebook] wall and asked my non-vegan friends to do the same. Response has been INCREDIBLE. Multiple people have agreed to go vegan (or at least try it) and at least 20 people have re-posted the request on their own walls with similar results.

You should start a movement called “Ask someone to go vegan today.”

If you’ve got some vegan-leaning friends, why not post something to your Facebook wall asking them to go 100 percent vegan for the month? If your friends aren’t open to the vegan thing, how about posting a link to an egg investigation and ask that they switch to cage-free?

You know your friends—so whatever next step they’re ready to take, just ask them to take it.

Asking really does work. Try it and see for yourself.