The Ultimate Vegan Meal for Meat Lovers

My friend Nikki Jefford has had trouble coming up with a meaty vegan meal that would please Seb, her meat-loving husband. But this week she’s had a breakthrough: Tal Ronnen’s chicken scoloppini dish, from his new book, The Conscious Cook.

The meal was phenomenal! Possibly my biggest success with Seb since I took over chef duties 10 years ago. I wish I could quote Seb’s exact words, but I was too busy dabbing the tears of joy from my eyes as he lavished compliments on the meal. He wanted me to make sure to give it an A+ and mentioned that if I served that to any of our meat eating friends and didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t know the difference. This, Seb said, was something one would expect to find only in an upscale restaurant.

You can view the recipe on Link.