The Veggies vs. the Aggies

Reporting for Reuters, P.J. Huffstutter and Lisa Baertlein have written the most comprehensive assessment of the battle between agribusiness and animal advocates that I’ve seen in ages. The article is jam-packed with useful information, and can quickly bring you up-to-date on most of the key work now occurring on behalf of farmed animals.

One point that Huffstutter and Baertlein make clear: as activists have racked up victories, agribusiness defenders are growing more polarized and less accommodating.

The fight has gotten so intense that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman recently told a crowd of cattlemen that he had a message for the Humane Society: “We’re going to kick your ass and send you out of the state.”

Unless Heineman is planning to hire brownshirts, I don’t see any way this is going to happen. Basically, Heineman is playing to his base—telling them what they want to hear even though he lacks the power to make good on his promises. And if agribusiness is going to have a puppet in the governor’s office, I’m all for that puppet relying on deluded rhetoric.

One other highlight from the article: the market price of the crappy beef remnants used for pink slime has dropped by half since February. (Thanks, Paul.) Link.